Cenospheres Trade & Engineering S.A. (CTE) company (before Kazsphere S.A.) was established in 2012 to search and extract cenospheres (alumosilica microspheres) in Kazakhstan and CIS.

CTE is 100% owner of Kazakh company – Kazsphere LLP – extracting cenospheres form snap lagoons at coal-fired power plants. Extraction (harvesting) process is based on our own, developed in Poland, innovative technology.

Our cenoosphere has a very high quality, white and light gray color, not containing impurities. Extraction agreements, signed by CTE and power plants, guarantee our customers a steady supply of the best products and long-term cooperation.

Thanks to our own industrial line, located near Warsaw, and used for drying, fractioning and packaging cenosphere, we are able to deliver the final product - dried cenospheres – according to requirements of each our customer.

In all areas of our business we work closely with the best Polish, Kazakhstani and Russian scientific-research R&D centers, guaranteeing excellent quality of our product.

CTE founders and shareholders are private investors from Poland and Kazakhstan.

From the beginning of its operation, CTE is focused on:

  • attractive cenospheres deposits searching, located primarily in snap lagoons at power plants;
  • extraction, drying and fractioning cenospheres, contained in ashes discharged into lagoon;
  • modern processing and refining technologies development and implementation;
  • sales channels development for end products.