We offer cenospheres, also called alumosilicate microspheres.

Cenospheres are inert, hollow spheres made largely of silica and alumina with 20 – 500 µm diameter, filled with gas (mostly carbon dioxide and nitrogen). It is a by-product of coal combustion at thermal power plants.

Cenospheres are an ultralight mineral filler,

  • their colour varies from grey through light grey to almost white; 
  • their bulk density is about 0.8 g/cm³;
  • their specific gravity usually doesn’t exceed 0,4 g/cm³.

Cenosferes can be used as main filler or fine fraction filler substitute for with all types of binders (cement, gypsum, organic resins, dispersions, polymers).

Thanks to its properties cenospheres:

  • reduce final product weight,
  • greatly improve thermal conductivity,
  • boost product fluidity and pumpability,
  • increase resistance to high temperature,
  • have very low water absorption.

At the request we can fraction cenospheres according to your needs.